Read this carefully before you install the DraftMore Event Kit

1. Check that the CO2 bottle is not empty!
a. If the CO2 bottle is empty, change to new CO2 bottle.
b. If the CO2 bottle is not empty, move on to step 2.

2. Check that the beer is cold, when coming out of the beer tap!
a.If the beer is not cold, the cooler might be defect. Before installing the DraftMore Event Kit
the owner of the temporary event unit should contact the company responsible for the draft beer cooler and fix the cooler.
b.If the beer is cold move on to step 3.

3. Check that the cooler is not blowing warm air on the DraftMore!
a.If warm air from the cooler is blowing at the DraftMore, move the keg away from the cooler
or turn the cooler so it is blowing the warm air in another direction.
b.If this is not an object,
you are ready to install the DraftMore Event Kit.

The DraftMore is not necessarily working on the first keg, if it´s opened, the draft beer could already be destroyed, because of the wrong CO2 pressure. It might not work correctly, before it will be changed to a new keg.
(If the DraftMore is still not working, maybe something else about the temporary Event System is defect, the bar should contact the company who are responsible for the draft beer system and fix it, before installing the DraftMore)

Installation guide will also be delivered with the DraftMore Event Kit, but you can also find it here on the website, in the right margin.