It is well known that draft beer,when tapped, often gives more foam than desired. The major cause of this is due to incorrect CO2 pressure in the beer keg in relation to the temperature of the beer.
Some people adjust the CO2 pressure manually when the temperature increases or decreases, but people do not always remember to adjust it correctly. Manual adjustment can lead to over carbonated beer (too much foam) or under carbonated (flat) beer.
The solution is a DraftMore which automatically adjusts the right CO2 pressure in the beer keg depending on the temperature.

Advantage of DraftMore: 

  • Never have too much or too little foam on your beers Serve the beer with the perfect top - every time!
  • You will notice that you are not returning beer to the brewery anymore; no more beer left in the bottom of the keg like before.
  • No more manual adjusting! The DraftMore automatically adjusts the CO2 pressure in the keg according to the beer temperature.
  • The CO2 content in the beer remains the same as when the beer was delivered from the brewery!
  • DraftMore will automatically shut off the supply of CO2, when beer is not poured, in contrast to a normal installation, that means no CO2 will be let into the beer, over night and destroy(overcarbonate) your beer.
  • No more flat or foamy beer.
  • The return on investment is very fast.
  • It’s a one time investment and provides a continuous return.
  • It has a 2 year warranty and a long life span without any need for maintenance.
  • It’s easy to install one on each tap.
  • See the extra earnings right on your buttom-line - Easily 15 %!

In other words Reduce Waste – Maximize Earnings.

The DraftMore is easy to install on the dispense head. An installation guide will be delivered with the DraftMore, but you can also find an installation guide and video guide here.